The Turnpike CIC was a bold, independent not-for-profit arts project with community at its heart, based in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

This web archive, titled Could this be paradise? reflects on our 5 years in Leigh, highlighting the community voices and artists who have worked with us to shape our organisation.

We want to say a huge thank you to our Turnpike family; the team members, volunteers, artists, community members, peer organisations, funders and supporters who have invested their energy, creativity and ingenuity with us over the years.

Tim Foster: All Roads Lead to Wigan Pier
23 Sept - 11 Nov 2017

Wigan born artist Tim Foster presented his first solo exhibition at The Turnpike. Marking 80 years since the publication of George Orwell's The Road to Wigan Pier, the artist made his own journey from London back to Wigan to roam the places of his youth.

By re-exploring the borough through encounters and dialogues, he created a body of work that is a document of its people, its industry and its customs: a challenge to Orwell's observations of the region and a reflection of current culture and politics.

The opening day of the exhibition featured an extraordinary performance by poet, broadcaster and playwright Lemn Sissay, who returned to the place of his childhood to perform for the first time ever. Something Dark tells the story of Lemn Sissay’s upbringing in children’s homes and foster care in Wigan, and the search for his family and true identity. Originally directed by John McGrath (National Theatre of Wales/MIF/Contact), and commissioned by Contact and Battersea Arts Centre, Something Dark has been performed throughout the world to great critical acclaim.